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"My stretch marks are 13 years old, where did the time go? After two weeks of applying the oil once a day before bedtime I have noticed that the color of the stretch marks is gradually changing from white/pink to its natural skin tone. I love the glossy look after applying it and I don't mind the oily sensation, it is absorbed by the skin leaving a unique moisturized sensation."
Xiamel in Seattle, WA



"Since I only used this for a week, I haven't seen progress in the sense of "wow my stretch marks are not even visible!", but I have seen a change in the sense of after every application, my scars started to turn from the pink/purple color to white, and then from white gradually to my natural skin tone. I have definitely noticed a significant change, and I'm fairly certain that once I use this more, say for a month, my stretch marks will start to disappear even more."
Jessica Rico in Merced, CA



"I have only been testing this item for about 10 days, but I've already noticed some of my cellulite disappearing. I was very skeptical when I order this, but I have some very stubborn "cottage cheese" thighs that even loosing weight hasn't changed. This product smells great and makes my skin feel very soft immediately after use."
Maddie Rigottiin Seattle, WA



"After a long day on my feet at that same workshop and 8 hours driving, to and from, my feet were KILLING me! So i rubbed some of the oil on my feet and put them up and within 15 minutes, all pain and soreness was GONE. And it din't come back, when I got up, like sometimes can happen. in fact, my feet were amazingly fresh even the next morning. The PainAway blend worked better than any other blend we've tried!"
Nicole Henke in Merced, CA


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