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Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” At Phytopia, we believe just by becoming a better version of yourself, the world around you begins to evolve positively.

Every day we deal with problems, small or large, and there are always new challenges to overcome. Oftentimes we hold the key to our own problems and sometimes we just need to clear our minds to discover that key. With over 15 years of clinical experience, we believe Phytopia Synergy has the power to help you find the answers within.

A firm believer in this concept, founder and certified aromatherapist Joanna and her team from Taiwan, US, UK and Japan sourced directly only the finest plants from farms all over the world to control quality and represent the distinguished Phytopia therapeutic-grade remedies.

Making changes is a journey. Let us be there for you every step of the way, 1% better each time.

What’s inside each Phytopia Synergy ?

Each bottle of Phytopia Synergy contains therapeutic-grade and pure ingredients created to improve your life, 1% better each time. Each ingredient when combined into a powerful blend, can become the solution to your worst physical problems.

We maintain only the highest criteria in selecting our plants, sourcing our ingredients from sustainable farms around the world. All-natural and all-organic, we believe that what you put on your body should be safe and effective.


Find out how our customers are having successes


Shantea Gaulhier

Apr 04, 2016

Blend: Tranquility

I was pleasantly surprised by this blend of essential oils. It is a light, relaxing scent, glides on smoothly and absorbs quickly. I have depression and very occasional anxiety. This blend is a great addition to any sort of self-care toolkit. I like to use is a while before showering at night when the day has been particularly rough. It’s a great massage oil, too. The smell isn’t overpowering so it’s not like slathering perfume all over (like some aromatherapy blends) and it’s not the typical “lavender or citrus” mood boosting scents that can be overused to the point of being ineffective.

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Jessica Rico

Mar 26, 2016

Blend: Stretch Marks Remover

Since I only used this for a week, I haven’t seen progress in the sense of “wow my stretch marks are not even visible!”, but I have seen a change in the sense of after every application, my scars started to turn from the pink/purple color to white, and then from white gradually to my natural skin tone. I have definitely noticed a significant change, and I’m fairly certain that once I use this more, say for a month, my stretch marks will start to disappear even more.

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January Rose

Mar 03, 2016

Blend: SlimWay

This oil was nicely packaged it came in a really cute little ty carrying bag. I found that the oil is very nourishing it went on my smoothly. For the first few days, I didn’t really notice too much but after about a week I did notice that my hunger has decreased. I was eating less and my cravings have withdrawn significantly. I’ve also found myself a bit more dehydrated and a bit more regular, I’ve been going to the bathroom more than usual. Which is encouraging,  it makes that my metabolism is working well.

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